Travis – The True Story of Travis Walton


One of the most significant UFO events in history – Travis Walton’s 1975 experience comes alive in this documentary of one man’s trauma and transition after a mysterious beam of light strikes him unconscious. This 21 year-old logger from Snowflake, Arizona disappeared for five days, ignighting a firestorm of controversy aimed at the logging crew who were the last to see him in the forest. “Travis” combines new and archived interviews with the logging crew, police, and the polygraph examiner. Walton explains how this event changed his life forever, as the media, skeptics, and debunkers, who refused to accept his account, attacked Travis, his friends and his family. UFO experts explain why this story continues to astound investigators, researchers, astrophysicists, journalists, and filmmakers in their quest for reliable evidence of other worlds, other beings, and more advanced technologies.

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Standard Definition DVD or mp4 file. 2015.  90 minutes.  Produced by Jennifer Stein, Bob Terrio & Travis Walton.

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