Bob Terrio is a native of Boston. He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA degree in film production, photography and art. Since the mid 1970’s he has worked in all aspects of the film/video industry as producer, director, photographer, editor, audio and lighting tech for clients that include Merck Pharma., Johnson & Johnson, QVC-TV, PA MUFON, Unisys, McNeil Pharma., NFL Films, The Devereux Foundation, Zohar Stargate and others. Bob’s experience includes broadcast, corporate/industrial, social and documentary work. His documentary work has included programs about psychics (Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts/Seth), ghosts (Sprits in the Valley) and UFOs/Alien Abductions (Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton).

Bob’s professional photographic work has included advertising, products, portraits, architecture, aerial, industrial, fashion and news photography for clients which include Kraft Dairy, Formica, Sony, DuPont, Mannington Mills, Standard Steel, Associated Press and others.

For more than forty years Bob has also applied his skills as an artist and illustrator for advertising, magazines, greeting cards, corporate logos, illustrated poster-maps, children’s books and puzzles for clients which include: National Geographic, Travelers Insurance, Nowco International, the Phila. Inquirer, Phila. Zoo, Boston Museum of Science, Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo, The Great American Puzzle Factory, Publications International and numerous others.

Bob currently lives near Valley Forge, PA He has four sons (three married) and four grandchildren.