The Seth Phenomena

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For more than twenty years, the “energy personality essence” known as Seth spoke through the physical body of author Jane Roberts, while in trance. Her husband Robert Butts, a professional commercial artist, wrote down every word spoken by Seth. Their creative efforts produced many thousands of pages of incredible philosophical, spiritual material, and published twenty two books that have been printed world wide in many languages. In this video, Rob recounts their complete story for the first time. He also discusses the unique “create your own reality” philosophy as presented by Seth. Also featured are over 40 unpublished photos of Rob and Jane from their personal collection in addition to dozens of Rob and Jane’s paintings. This program is a rare, exclusive documentation of Seth, Jane and Rob’s fascinating psychic exploration of consciousness and the nature of reality!

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Standard Definition DVD or mp4 file. 1993. 70 minutes. Produced and Directed by Bob Terrio.


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1 review for The Seth Phenomena

  1. Kate (verified owner)

    I love this documentary. Bobs work is truly beautiful.

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