JoAnn Richards Philadelphia Lectures 2010


On April 10, 2010, Bob Eure, president of C.I.R.A.E.P. (The Council of Investigation and Research on Aerial/Earth Phenomena) sponsored a conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania featuring seven lectures by JoAnn Richards. These incredible talks are based on material provided by her husband, Captain Mark Richards, detailing his, his father’s and grandfather’s involvment with secret military and government UFO programs since the early part of the 20th century. You will hear about our interaction with, not one, but many extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional beings. These interactions include the exchange of advanced technology with friendly ETs, and deadly battles with not-so-friendly ETs. Mark and his family worked with top scientists, including Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, as well as top government and military leaders in these Ultra Top Secret UFO and Alien programs. Their adventures took them to the far corners of the globe, beneath the seven seas, and even into the far reaches of outer space! You will hear how JoAnn met and married Mark while he was incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, and remains in prison today. In addition to working to secure his freedom, JoAnn is lecturing and writing about her husband and his family’s amazing exploits. For the first time their unique story is presented on DVD. The topics include: Knights of the Cold War, The Philadelphia Experiment, Hamilton Air Force Base, The Battles of China Gates and Harvest Moon, Dulce, and Secret Bases. Be prepared for a life altering and mind-blowing experience!

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3 Disc SD DVD Set or mp4 files. 2010. 315 minutes. Produced and Edited by Bob Terrio.

Defective DVDs will be replaced at no cost.

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