EIBE The Real Story


A fascinating and exciting fantasy, sci-fi novel for young people of all ages. A visitor from space comes to Earth with a secret mission. His mission is interrupted by contact with a young boy. In a long night filled with exciting discoveries and adventures, both of their lives, and perhaps the lives of all inhabitants of Earth, are changed forever. Read an excerpt from this incredible new novel from author Bob Terrio. It is currently available as a downloadable  PDF e-book.

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Novel By Bob Terrio

He arrived late one night. He intended to visit for only a few minutes, but remained for an entire night, a night filled with surprising discoveries, travels to unexplored realms filled with adventures that could change our past, our present, and our future! You’ve heard the “official” story from the government and media. Now read the real story! It’s more incredible than you can imagine! Meet EIBE and the people whose lives he changed, and who changed his too! Yours could be next!


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